About Preston Towne Centre

This friendly, vigorous community with proximity to high traffic levels on King Street (Hwy #8) presents a wonderful opportunity for the niche retailer and restauranteur. Traditionally supported by the immediate community, King Street (Preston’s main street), maintains its historic role as a community shopping, dining, service centre with an emerging trend towards specialty merchandising. Special opportunities for businesses which thrive on a pedestrian-oriented environment abound. Access to major highways, a mix of affordable real estate and municipal support have established a very attractive environment for start-ups.

Purpose of the Preston Towne Centre

To continue the designation of a business improvement area (B.I.A). To establish a Board of Management from the membership. To draft plans to physically improve and promote the area as a business and shopping area.

Preston as a people place

The Preston Towne Centre is a place for people. A place to walk, shop, spend time, and enjoy yourself, as an individual or as a family. It is an inviting pedestrian area that is comfortable for people of all ages, economic classes, circumstances and physical abilities. It’s atmosphere encourages long visits and return visits, with a street scape that sends the message that “people’s comfort and positive experiences are our top priority”. Preston Towne Centre is located on King Street (Highway 8) in Cambridge…. a few minutes south of Highway 401.

Preston as a real place

Preston Towne Centre is an authentic main street, and the centerpiece, “or heart”, of a real small town community atmosphere.  There is nothing fake, artificial or “mall-like” about Preston Towne Centre.  Because it is real, it is somewhat unique, and these unique aspects should be built upon.  At the same time however, it is somewhat familiar, and contains many of the aspects, and the visual character, that one would expect in a real main street.

Preston as a vital place

Preston Town Centre is an active and thriving area where “things are going on”.  Active and inviting stores, services and restaurants that “spill out onto the street”, with carts, patios, vendors and awnings, create a rich and active streetscape atmosphere.  Preston Towne Centre is more than a mall, more than just a place to shop. It is a community gathering place, a place for all sorts of uses and activities, a place with vitality and vibrancy at all times of the day and night.